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Yulia Shevel


Yulia Shevel, a classically trained violinist, embarked on her musical journey at the prestigious A.V. Nezhdanova Academy of Music in Odessa, Ukraine, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Music.

During her studies, she served as the first violinist in the Music Academy orchestra, solidifying her exceptional talent and dedication to her craft.

With over a decade of experience, Yulia has had the privilege of performing with the renowned Andrey Chernyy Orchestra, showcasing her versatility by interpreting a diverse repertoire that spans from modern compositions by acclaimed composers like Hans Zimmer and John Williams to classical masterpieces.

Her musical journey has been distinguished by numerous accolades, including Diplomas and awards garnered at prestigious international festivals and competitions, such as the IV International Festival-contest "CONSTELLATION OF THE SEA-SUN, YOUTH, BEAUTY," and the VI International Music Festival-Competition Made in Ukraine.

Beyond her classical roots, Yulia's career has taken her across Europe, where she captivated audiences in Spain and Portugal under the banner of the Chernihiv Regional Philharmonic.

In 2021, she further honed her skills by participating in the Festival/Master courses/Master Concert (Ost-West Musikfest) in Vienna/St.Pölten, engaging in intensive master classes and showcasing her talents in the master concert, contributing significantly to her growth as a versatile musician.

Passionate about sharing her diverse musical expertise, inspiring others, and contributing to the realm of music education, she has also explored new musical horizons as a DJ performer in Toronto, Canada, and as a music curator, shaping unique auditory experiences both in Europe and Canada.

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