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At KSM you can learn to play with GTA Strings teachers and active performers.

In addition to our local teachers, we offer classes to renewed International teachers. Lessons are offered in English, German and French language.

Lessons are detailed one-to-one or you can choose the Group setting.  We are passionate about the All String Instruments and we aim to help students find a way to express themselves through careful consideration of technique and musical ideas.

The Benefits of Online Lessons

Online music lessons are a growing convenient approach in these unprecedented times.  Broadband technology allows you to easily take lessons at home with no travelling, and all booking and scheduling are done online to be simple and easy for pupils to manage. All you need is a good quality internet, a computer or tablet, a quiet lesson space, a musical instrument and a desire to learn to play it.

Professional Top-Notch Teachers in One-On-One and Group Settings.  Flexible Lesson Times.


Beginner to Advanced Learning Plans, Tailored to Your Musical Tastes & Goals. Personalised Goals & Plan for Any Level.


Easy to use Zoom/Skype Video Lessons

Songs | Recordable & Much More


Concierge-Level, In-House Customer Service. A Dedicated Customer Service Rep to Ensure a Successful Experience.



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