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Arianna Rueda

Early Chidhood Music

Arianna Rueda is a passionate musician with a rich and diverse musical background. Arianna's eclectic nature has driven her to explore various musical avenues. She co-founded the Toronto-based Latin folk band, Tayua, which showcased traditional musical rhythms and instruments from South America combined with contemporary music styles. With Tayua she consecutively performed at the Stratford Music Festival and recorded an album.
As an independent vocal performer, Arianna sang with Mitch Frohman and the Merriam Music Orchestra, where she had the opportunity of performing the timeless songbook of Tito Puente at several festivals in the GTA, including the Oakville Jazz Festival.
Arianna is also a songwriter, she often performs her original music at numerous music events and festivals, including Array Music for EquipKids International, YogaFest, and the Unplugged North Series at The Rivoli.

Beyond her career as a performer, Arianna's passion for music extends to her role as a dedicated teacher. Arianna’s multifaceted approach to education has led her to work in music camps, including the esteemed Guitar Workshop Plus. She is a certified EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teacher, and a private vocal performance teacher.

She has also worked in childcare for almost a decade, including daycare settings, as a nanny, baby-sitter and as a private tutor.

She brings her extensive experience, infectious enthusiasm, and profound understanding of music to her students.

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